Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Social media marketing is very complex in the way that even though you have all kinds of statistics to measure your progress, it’s still somewhat difficult to get a clear picture of the impact of each and every effort. But, with most of the businesses using social media marketing, the competition is on its peak right now, making it crucial than ever before that you know how your marketing efforts are paying up so that you can adapt your strategies accordingly.
Facebook realizes this and it has now launched an all new dashboard called ‘Facebook Attribution’ which will combine all the data it collects from every one of your Facebook related sources to give you the detailed statistics that a social media marketer needs.
In the post announcing this tool, Facebook said:
“Facebook Attribution helps you measure the impact of your ads across the Facebook family of apps and services and across publishers. For example, using the new data-driven attribution model, you can see how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are contributing to incremental business results compared to if you were not running ads. And to gain a better understanding of your audience’s digital journey, you can use cross-device reporting to learn the device your customers engaged with your ads on as well as where they converted.”
This means that Facebook will gather data from all the various sources including Facebook insights, Facebook Pixel, Facebook’s apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.) and even offline user behavior on browsers to give marketers all the data they need. They will get to know the conversion rate of each and every platform which is a very important statistic to measure the success of your marketing efforts.
facebook attribution
You will also be able to know the conversion rate due to the ads that you run on Facebook or related platforms. Although it doesn’t cover the in-store conversion i.e. the customers that you get in your stores because of social ads, it still gives a clearer picture of how your ads are performing.
Facebook attribution 2
This dashboard is designed to give social media marketers essential and more in-depth statistics about their social media strategies, way more than what you would get from the typical analytics from any social media platform.


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